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"Our transcript solution has exceeded expectations! Since we've had Transcript Ordering, we've been able to provide less than 24‐hour turnaround for our students and reduce the manual process from 100 staff hours/week to 10 staff hours/week. Transcript Ordering participation was perfectly timed to offset staff reductions due to Ohio fiscal issues. It helped us create a dedicated budget to offset Registrar Office expenses related to transcript production and evaluation during a time of financial challenges. As a result, we have been able to be a more self-funded office.

The Clearinghouse has always dedicated their resources to great customer service. Over the years, we've been approached by many transcript service companies, but we were reluctant to use any other provider besides the Clearinghouse. We've had a good working relationship here for years with our DegreeVerify service, and it was important to have the same level of trust and reliability. Our customer representative always got back to us quickly during testing and implementation and was always available for support. We truly felt like a valued customer every step of the way!"

Dave Sauter and Amanda Euen, University Registrar/Assoc. Registrar for Operations, Miami University (OH)

"Becoming a part of the Electronic Transcript Exchange was a tremendous milestone for us. We worked hard to get our 16 community and technical colleges, all of our 8 public universities, and many private universities and colleges to agree to participate. The results have shown us that it was a really good move. The Electronic Transcript Exchange network is our primary way of exchanging transcripts across the state of Kentucky. It greatly reduced our expenses, made for better business to our students and other colleges, and was easy to implement."

Suzanne McGurk, System Registrar, Kentucky Community & Technical College System

"We love our transcript service! The reporting features of our transcript service completely simplify the daily process for us. We rely on the Reconciliation Detail reports every month to report to Financial Services. This makes it so easy for us to plan ahead with our transcripts‐related budget."

Dixie Mitchell, Assistant Registrar, Auburn University

"The depth and breadth of the Transcript Ordering service options make the investment worthwhile! We've gotten a lot of positive feedback from our students regarding the ease and accessibility of our transcript services. The Clearinghouse definitely has the niche in the college marketplace and has helped us save on staff time and resources ... We looked around at other competitors, but it was important to use a trusted and established partner like the National Student Clearinghouse. Customer service was always at its best. They helped us make the most of our service features, especially when it came to anticipating common problems and student scenarios."

Nancy Cronk, Registrar and Director of Registration and Academic Progress, Ball State University

"We wanted to take advantage of technological resources that could improve student services and make the most of our staff's time. [Transcript Ordering] has allowed us to spend more time in more areas for students, and it alleviated a large amount of the financial and time burdens that our old transcript ordering process took up."

Audrey Schofield, Registrar, Palm Beach Atlantic University