Frequently Asked Questions


  • Does the Clearinghouse retain copies of transcripts?


  • Are there any programming requirements?

    If you offer electronic delivery through Transcript Ordering, you must be able to produce PDFs of your transcripts. To send files through Electronic Transcript Exchange, your records system must be able to produce a transcript in one of the file formats designated by the receiving institution (e.g., PDF, XML, EDI). If you choose to receive XML or EDI files, some programming may be required in order for you to view or use the transcript data.

  • Is SIS integration available?

    Yes. If your institution participates in Clearinghouse Transcript Ordering and uses Ellucian's Banner®, Colleague®, or PowerCampus system, you can take advantage of our "touch-free," no cost electronic transcript processing and delivery solution, Ellucian eTranscripts.

    In addition, the Clearinghouse offers a completely hosted integration solution as well as a software integration solution installed in your school environment that will integrate your SIS with Transcript Ordering. Both options completely automate your transcript ordering and fulfillment processes maximizing the time- and cost-saving benefits you realize from Clearinghouse Transcript Services.

  • Does the Clearinghouse support digitally-signed transcript PDFs?

    Yes. We digitally sign transcript PDFs on behalf of schools as well as accept and deliver digitally signed transcript PDFs from schools.

  • How secure are Clearinghouse Transcript Services?

    The Clearinghouse employs multiple technologies and operational safeguards, including information security best practices and industry standards such as 128-bit secure communication. All data in transit is secured via SSL connections to protect the student records and documents in our care. We also take active defensive measures that limit the risk of lost or stolen data.

  • Do Clearinghouse Transcript Services comply with FERPA?

    Yes. Like all Clearinghouse programs, Transcript Services facilitates compliance with FERPA, The Higher Education Act, and other applicable laws. We also respect all participating institutions' policies governing the release of student data to third parties.

Transcript Ordering

  • How can we generate revenue?

    You determine the cost for your students and alumni to send transcripts electronically or via any other method, providing a potential new source of revenue for your office.

  • We already have an online ordering system, why should we add Transcript Ordering?

    Transcript Ordering supplements your system by providing online ordering access to your former students, who cannot access your school's secure portal. It also offers a way for you to provide electronic delivery to your students without requiring any IT resources on your part.

  • Is reporting is available?

    Yes. You can generate colorful, presentation quality reports at any time. Our reports provide real-time information on how your students and alumni are using Transcript Services. With our reports, you can instantly examine your institution's year-by-year transcript usage, identify peak demand periods, and compare monthly volume. Both summary and detailed reports are available.

  • Can we digitally sign our transcripts?

    Yes. The Clearinghouse uses Adobe® LiveCycle® to provide state-of-the-art document security. You can digitally sign your transcripts using either the Clearinghouse's certification at no charge or request to purchase your own.

  • Can we apply rights management to control our transcripts after delivery?

    Yes. You can apply rights management (also known as document controls) to your transcripts that allow you to manage access and usage after your transcripts are delivered (e.g., printing, offline access, document revocation, and more). You can also add a watermark (e.g., your school seal) and your registrar's signature to every transcript.

  • What does it cost to participate?

    There is no cost to your institution to participate in Transcript Ordering. If your institution participates in Clearinghouse Transcript Ordering and uses Ellucian's Banner®, Colleague®, or PowerCampus system, you can also take advantage of our "touch-free," no cost electronic transcript processing and delivery solution, Ellucian eTranscripts.

    Select Transcript Ordering options, such as electronic transcript delivery and digitally signed transcripts, have minimal fees associated with them. These fees can be paid either by your school or by the requestor. (In addition, a small service fee is collected from the requestor to offset Clearinghouse operating costs.)

    Your school may apply an additional surcharge to each transcript order, so you can generate additional revenue. 100% of the fees collected on your behalf are remitted to your school monthly. A summary of all historical transactions and the financial details associated with each order is available in real time on our secure Web site.

Ellucian eTranscripts

  • What is the relationship between the National Student Clearinghouse and Ellucian?

    The National Student Clearinghouse® and Ellucian have formed a strategic alliance to enable real-time electronic authentication, production, and transfer of transcripts between the Clearinghouse and Ellucian's administrative systems Banner® by Ellucian, Colleague® by Ellucian, and PowerCampus by Ellucian.

  • Why did Ellucian select the Clearinghouse as its strategic partner?

    Ellucian chose the Clearinghouse for the following reasons:

    • The Clearinghouse has the largest number of Ellucian clients as customers compared with other transcript ordering providers.
    • As a nonprofit, the Clearinghouse actively seeks ways to provide the higher education community with cost-saving services, many of which are available to institutions for free.
    • The Clearinghouse will have significant influence in the Ellucian product road map. For example, the future development of an automated articulation process may incorporate the XML transcript data produced as part of this solution. All changes to the product roadmap for Ellucian will include the integrated Clearinghouse solution.
    • Although devoting significant resources to this project, the Clearinghouse does not answer to investors.
      • Its focus is the long-term success of schools and their students.
      • Its commitment to the entire higher education community is long term.
      • Its goal is to provide the most robust automated transcript solution, not turn a profit.

  • How is this different from other transcript ordering providers?

    All other transcript ordering providers are only Community partners of Ellucian. This difference is what drives many of the advantages of our strategic alliance:

    • The Clearinghouse is co-developing the software solution with Ellucian so that it integrates seamlessly with the Clearinghouse Transcript Ordering service.
    • The seamless integration will work out of the box; all configurations will be defaulted to Clearinghouse Transcript Ordering. These configurations include those in your administrative system, cloud-based input and output traffic, and security settings. Alternate transcript ordering providers will be required to perform their own configuration settings.
    • The Clearinghouse solution is being tested extensively by our beta schools. Their input and feedback will be an integral part of the initial and ongoing development process.
    • The strategic alliance guarantees for Clearinghouse school customers that the solution will function as upgrades and future enhancements are incorporated into the solution. This is because these upgrades and enhancements will be co-designed and tested.
    • The Clearinghouse will always be the first to market with new service enhancements.
    • The Clearinghouse will engage with Ellucian in future proofing, in anticipation of unfolding developments in the academic credential service area.
    • The Clearinghouse will have significant influence in the Ellucian product road map. For example, the future development of an automated articulation process may incorporate the XML transcript data produced as part of our solution. All changes to the product roadmap for Ellucian will include the integrated Clearinghouse solution.
    • Other transcript ordering providers will get access to the standard APIs. However, they will be required to modify their ordering platforms to exchange transcript data based on the design developed and tested by the Clearinghouse and Ellucian. Ellucian developed the API exclusively for the Clearinghouse.

  • What is Ellucian eTranscript?

    Ellucian eTranscript is a unified interface that automates the transcript ordering process between Clearinghouse Transcript Ordering and any of Ellucian's three administrative systems (Banner® by Ellucian, Colleague® by Ellucian, and PowerCampus by Ellucian) in order to facilitate a "no touch" approach to fulfilling transcript requests.

  • What exactly does Ellucian eTranscript do for an institution?

    Ellucian eTranscript automates every electronic transcript processing and delivery step between the Clearinghouse Transcript Ordering and your Ellucian administrative system.

  • What are the benefits to an institution that uses Ellucian eTranscript?

    Ellucian eTranscript helps institutions:

    • Reduce workload in the registrar's office
    • Deliver high quality services to students and alumni
    • Decrease administrative costs by automating processes
    • Simplify electronic transcript delivery adoption

  • Do I have to sign a long-term contract with the Clearinghouse?

    No, unlike other transcript providers, the Clearinghouse requires no 'locked in" contractual obligation.

  • Who do my students call if they have a problem with the transcript ordering process?

    Unlike other providers, the Clearinghouse maintains a fully staffed customer service team available to student users and it is committed to providing superior customer solution support. Many other transcript service providers have no such service; all issues require users to submit a ticket online or contact the campus

  • Will eTranscript be available for Banner, Colleague, and PowerCampus?

    Yes, Ellucian eTranscript will be available for all Ellucian administrative systems. eTranscript will require the institution be on the required version of the administrative system prior to implementation.

  • What are the solution requirements to be able to take advantage of Ellucian eTranscript?

    Ellucian eTranscript will be delivered in a release of your Ellucian administrative system. It does not require additional software. However, institutions will be required to have a supported version of the Ellucian solution (see below) and be active with Clearinghouse Transcript Ordering.

    Banner Ellucian eTranscript is delivered in Banner 8.6.2. Banner 8.6.2 is installed on Banner General and Student 8.6. Database Extension Utility (DBEU) must be applied. 8.6.1 is NOT required.
    Colleague Release R18 is required. Ellucian eTranscript will be delivered as a software update and as WebAPI 1.3.
    PowerCampus Ellucian eTranscript will be delivered in PowerCampus 8.5.

  • What is the cost of this solution offering to an institution?

    There is no additional cost to schools OR students that are using or wish to use the Clearinghouse Transcript Ordering and Ellucian eTranscript solution.

  • Is there a student cost associated with the use of the Ellucian eTranscript solution?

    No, there is no additional cost to the student to use this solution.

  • Will the transcript be on institution's official transcript paper?

    Institutions will continue to print and send official transcripts on their school-specific security paper.

  • Will students have the ability to attach documents to go along with transcript?

    Yes, students can attach documents to their transcript request. The type and number of attachments will be determined by the school during the activation process.

  • What is the National Student Clearinghouse?

    The National Student Clearinghouse was created by the higher education community in 1993. Over the years, the Clearinghouse has regularly expanded the services it offers to schools in order to help them maximize cost efficiencies and, in 2004, added online Transcript Ordering. As a nonprofit, the Clearinghouse focuses solely on satisfying the needs of schools and their students versus the demands of investors or stockholders.

  • I want more information.

    If your institution requires assistance in bringing Banner or Colleague up to date in order to install the new eTranscript API, please contact your Ellucian Client Relationship Manager or Clients Sales Manager for more information. If you would like additional information from your National Student Clearinghouse regional representative complete the form here.

Electronic Transcript Exchange

  • How do we exchange batches of transcripts?

    You can upload/download batches of individual transcripts or consolidate transcripts into a zipped file.

  • What file formats are supported?

    • Postsecondary Electronic Standards Council (PESC) XML High School and Postsecondary Transcript
    • ANSI X12 TS130 Student Educational Record (EDI)
    • All system or statewide standard data record formats
    • All graphical formats (including PDF), which look like your paper-based transcripts

  • Can we import transcript data into our student information system?

    Yes, if you elect to receive transcripts in a file format (e.g., XML) that is compatible with your system.

  • What do we do if we send a transcript to the incorrect account?

    Contact the Clearinghouse as soon as possible. If the recipient hasn't downloaded the transcript, we can recall the transcript for you.

  • How do we confirm the transcript was received by the Clearinghouse?

    You can log in to your secure FTP account to view the status of any transcript file you have uploaded.

  • Can a transcript be retrieved more than once? What if it is not retrieved?

    The recipient can download a transcript an unlimited number of times or delete the file at any time. Files are permanently deleted after 90 days, whether they have been downloaded or not. A copy of each file is also stored in the recipient's archive folder. These files can be downloaded at any time and are permanently deleted after 180 days.

  • Is there a cost to participate?

    No. All U.S. colleges are eligible to send and receive an unlimited number of transcripts for free via Electronic Transcript Exchange.

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