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Our FAST solution

Eliminates student walk-up interruptions

Gives you valuable time back by electronically notifying your students of holds

Tells you “why” your students are ordering transcripts

Collects your fees for easy reconciliation

Ensures transcript orders are complete and legible

Lets you securely outsource print fulfillment with NSC SecurePrint℠

Our FASTER solution

Speeds transcript processing

Automatically checks for holds, then notifies students with customized text

Enables automated processing for highly modified SIS software

Provides batch PDF delivery

Offers secure delivery and tracking of electronic PDFs and state-of-the-art PDF document security

Lets you securely outsource print fulfillment with NSC SecurePrint℠

Our FASTEST solution

Processes and delivers transcripts nights, weekends and holidays

Notifies students about holds while they are ordering

Automatically processes transcripts after grades are posted, including checking for holds

Checks daily to identify cleared holds, then automatically processes the transcripts

Offers secure and automated print fulfillment with NSC SecurePrint℠

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